Panther Robot Update

April 14, 2010

Barring any cleanup or other “housekeeping” type work , the mesh is done. Up next: UVing and some quick textures, then import to Maya for shading. Also: more RAM so I can actually render the thing without running out of memory.


More Knife Edge Work.

April 8, 2010

Some additional screencaps in-game of my Knife Edge work. The V-22 Osprey seen in the renders in the prior post is flying in the sim here. The TARDIS was a joke model built for the heck of it; it didn’t get published, alas, but wouldn’t that have been fun? It could even fly!

Modeling WIPs on the panther robot being created for a Zoic Studios intern project.

Robot designed by Alex Alvarado.

Airplanes created for Knife Edge Software’s RealFlight flight sim Expansion Pack 6 and G5. The Matt Chapman Eagle model made the box art.

Visit their site here.